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Publications and News Articles

New Radar Test offered by Navy .jpeg

A collection of publications and news articles found in the Frank and Art Eisenberg Collection that demonstrates that members of the Eisenberg family…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives

Letters to Art that Reference World War II

Dick Sachs.jpg

The collection contains five letters, and one V-mail, beginning Jan 3, 1944, and ending a little after April 15, 1945, the day Franklin D. Roosevelt,…

Contributors: Upper MIdwest Jewish Archives

Creative Pieces Written by Frank and Art Eisenberg

The K. P. and the Top Sergeant.JPG

This collection contains creative pieces written by Frank and Art Eisenberg. “Those Who Die”, was written by Frank Eisenberg and is dated August…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives

Documenting War through Images

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A collection of postcards and photographs of Frank's time in Europe.

The postcards from the YMCA, JWB, and Red Cross all encompass the humanitarian…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives

Art Eisenberg's Boy Scouts of America Collection

BS Camp sign .jpeg

Art Eisenberg, a member of Troop No. 66, earned twenty-one Boy Scouts of America certificates from 1939 to 1944. Troop No. 66 was a member of the…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives.

Letters from Frank

November 15, 1918 - Part 1.jpg

The collection contains a series of six consecutive letters, beginning on October 6th, 1918 and ending November 15th,1918. The letters give a…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives

Frank in the Navy: Letters from Training

Mother .jpg

A collection of letters to and from Frank Eisenberg when he served in the Navy in Farragut, Idaho. This group of letters focuses on the relationships…

Contributors: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives