Documenting War through Images


Documenting War through Images


A collection of postcards and photographs of Frank's time in Europe.

The postcards from the YMCA, JWB, and Red Cross all encompass the humanitarian involvement that really gained momentum during WWI and contributes to the overarching narrative of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. The Jewish Welfare Board also begins to delve into the experience of Jewish servicemen. The propaganda pieces are crucial to understanding the social context of the time period, and the ways in which race played a role in the conflict.

The YMCA, JWB and Red Cross were a comfort to the men, and created an imaginative context of home which reminded that they are protecting the freedom and safety of their family and all families.

The photographs add primarily to the biographical aspects, as they put a face to the men whose names we hear and thoughts we get to know.
In addition to the biographical use of these pictures, I think that these photographs will add a phenomenal degree of humanity and can contribute another facet to the project. It can be assumed that whomever sent (or brought) these pictures intended them to act as a reminder of home, and of the life that remained beyond the front lines.


Upper Midwest Jewish Archives

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58. BOURGES. - "Le Gare"
This is a postcard of a French railway station with a sketch of the American Red Cross that "your brother" took tea, wrote, and read.

S.S. De Kalb
A Photo of a Postcard from the Jewish Welfare Board of the S.S. De Kalb, which says underneath it "Greetings from the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army and Navy."

YMCA Postcard
A photo of a postcard from the YMCA with the phrase "Well Done Men America Greets YOU" and on the back it has the return information of Frank Eisenberg, including what camp he returned to and on what date.

American Red Cross Rest Station France
A photo of an American Red Cross propaganda postcard depicting an American Soldier luring a German Soldier with Sausage (Bratwurst?).

Oh les aura!
A photo of a postcard depicting a French soldier with the phrase "oh les aura!"

These photographs contain images of as-yet unidentified friends and family members of Frank's.
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