Letters to Art that Reference World War II


Letters to Art that Reference World War II


The collection contains five letters, and one V-mail, beginning Jan 3, 1944, and ending a little after April 15, 1945, the day Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States died. These letters demonstrate the matter fact manner in which World War II was discussed between family members and friends.


Upper MIdwest Jewish Archives

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Arthur J. Eisenberg in a military uniform 
Arthur Julian Eisenberg was a member of the Breck High School’s Graduating Class of June 1944. Breck's School History indicated that Breck was/is affiliated with the Episcopalian Church. In the early 1940s Breck was located at the intersection of…

Jan 3, 1944, letter to Art Eisenberg from Bob Weiss.
A letter dated Jan 3, 1944, to Art Eisenberg, Breck High School Senior, from his cousin, Bob Weiss.

Bob Weiss said in relationship to the war, “So you had to go and join up, too. They’ll probably get you soon enough, that is unless the war is…

July 30, 1944 letter to Art from Frank Eisenberg
Frank Eisenberg causally references the war when he tells Art that he picked up an old schoolmate from Talmud Torah, Sammie Kantor. Said, Sammie was recently discharged, had a lispe and planned to attend Miller Vocational. Said Sammie told him a guy…

July 30, 1944, letter to Art from his mother Sara Eisenberg
Sara Eiseberg referenced the war in the following manner, "I istened to Drew Pearson this eve. And he says the war will be over by Xmas – the Russians are 11 miles into Germany proper. Isn’t that wonderful? Soon Walther Winchell will be on –now our…

Dec 6, 1944, letter to Art from Ted former Breck High School schoolmate 
Ted a student at Breck in December 1944 referenced World War II, in the following manner, “I seem to be in a tizzy most of the time, what with getting ready for Christmas and still trying to pound a few fact into the heads of the young ones who are…

Dec 16, 1944, letter to Art Eisenberg from Robert Schanke, Camp Braemar Director
Regarding the war, Robert Schanke said to Art, "A call to your Mother let us in on the know concerning your nefarious activities. Ship’s photographer, radar man, the Lothario of fleet all rolled up in one. Quit a program for little Artie. Got a few…

V-mail (circa April 16, 1944) from Dick Sachs
Art Eisenberg's cousin, Dick Sachs, corresponded with him via V-mail (Victory mail) and said, "I suppose the President’s death hit you all hard. I know it sure it me hard, all of us. Just the same Pres. Truman is doing a swell job and everything is…
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