October 12th, 1918


October 12th, 1918


Letter from Frank to his mother and sister


Frank wrote this letter on October 12, 1918 to his mother and sister. He wrote the letter while he was serving in France during World War I.
In this letter, Frank talks about the weather and says that there is really nothing to do, but he arranged a movie showing through the YMCA for tomorrow. They are likely to stay where they are for the rest of the winter, but they have a nice reading room now and lots of sports – like boxing matches and kangaroo courts. Also they get to keep the Edison for a few more weeks. Frank also asks about how everything is at home. He asks his mother and sister to write a long letter. He says “put a little news in it besides the old formula.”
The letter is written from the experiences and feelings of Frank. It’s interesting that Frank talks about the weather, because generally one talks about the weather when they have nothing else to say. In the letter, Frank even says that there is nothing to do, so weather is one of the few things he has to talk about. Frank generally tries to focus on the little excitements that break up his everyday routine – like the YMCA entertainment. It seems that Frank’s day-to-day experience is fairly dull and bits of news, rumors, and entertainment from the YMCA help to make life as a soldier in France slightly more interesting.


Frank Eisenberg


Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, Archives and Special Collections in the University of Minnesota Archives, Box 2, File 1


World War I



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