Letter from Walter Wanger Productions


Letter from Walter Wanger Productions


Letter from the Director of Publicity at Walter Wanger Productions to Frank Eisenberg.

This is a letter from the Director of Publicity at Walter Wanger Productions to Frank Eishenberg in response to his letter of suggestion for guided studio tours. Frank had written to the Directory of Publicity, John Johnston, with the proposal that the studio begin giving guided tours to the public as a new means of revenue. Johnston’s response not only explains why such a venture would not be cost effective and how no one in the industry would ever implement such a plan, but also that the idea itself is certainly not a new one and has been suggested and rejected multiple times over the years.
Frank’s letter was sent January 11, 1941 and Johnston wrote the above response just four days later. The letter shows that the two men know each other from a previous acquaintance, and to the extent that Johnston has met Frank’s son, Art. Frank, working in the press department for Finkelstein and Ruben’s Theatres, may have possibly met Johnston through work, as they were both involved in the same industry. Johnston’s quick response teamed with the curt frankness of the reply raise questions about the closeness of the men’s relationship.


John LeRoy Johnston


Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, Archives and Special Collections in the University of Minnesota Archives, Box 2, File 2


January 15th, 1941



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