Letter from Frank to Mother and Sister, April 1, 1919


Letter from Frank to Mother and Sister, April 1, 1919


Frank writes that he is coming home and that he will be out of contact for the next few months. This letter is likely an april fools joke given Frank’s apparent frustration at the lack of communication mentioned in later letters. It is impossible to be certain if this was indeed a prank, but assuming so it shows Frank’s morale and sharp sense of humor.


As you can see by the heading, we are on the first lap of our journey home. We left _____ on Friday, March 28, and after a three day trip across country in the famous French box cars we arrived here yesterday. This port is supposed to be the best in France and if we are lucky we should leave here within the next two or three weeks. We are to be demobilized at Camp Dodge and it sure looks good to see our baggage addressed to there. And all goes well we shall be together by the end of the month. You will get this letter in about three weeks and perhaps I shall follow soon after. Will do no more writing after this letter unless something develops and you can just as well lay off too, for the letters may never reach me. For surely I shall be on the way home before you can reply to this letter. The embarkation camp here contains about 3000 men and everything is fine. We are in tents. There are many playgrounds. The band is playing as I write and the weather is fine after the rain and now of ______. It is sure great to realize that after these four and half months of waiting we are at last on the way.

Let’s hope Meyer will be on hand to say hello with you and that the ship comes soon and goes sooner.



Frank Eisenberg


UMJA Box 448, file #1


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