October 6th, 1918


October 6th, 1918


Letter from Frank to his mother and sister


Frank wrote this letter on October 6, 1918 to his mother and sister. He wrote the letter while he was serving in France during World War I.
Frank begins the letter by saying that he finally received a letter from his mother and sister after waiting six weeks. He mentions the fact that he hasn’t been writing very often, but says it partly because no one seems to respond in quick manner. He also says that he was appointed secretary for the YMCA. He said the reason he applied for the position was because they hadn’t had any entertainment for over a year. Since Frank had become secretary, he had gotten new books for the reading room, as well as a piano and an Edison with three different records. Also, he said that the YMCA arranged to show movies and provide other services for entertainment.
Frank is writing this letter based on what he knows. Living so far away from his family, it seems that letters from loved ones act as a Frank’s link to home. So when his mother didn’t write for six weeks, Frank was hurt and he retaliated by not writing as often. He probably asks his mother and sister to write sooner because he feels isolated from his family and the letter bring him a sense of connectedness. The letters – as well as his new job as secretary and the YMCA entertainment – seem to act as a break from the mundaneness of his daily routine.


Frank Eisenberg


Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, Archives and Special Collections in the University of Minnesota Archives, Box 2, File 1


World War I



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