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"The K. P. and the Top Sergeant," is a "fable," by Frank Eisenberg and tells the story of a Private who wants to be put on K. P. duty so that he doesn't forget his mother.

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“The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is a "fable" written by Frank Eisenberg about a Corporal who met a beautiful girl standing on the corner crying. He asked why she was crying. She said because she was lonely and lost, had her father's car and didn't…

the private and the cook .JPG
"The Private and the Cook," by Frank Eisenberg has a Private praising a meal that the Cook served. In the end the Private criticizes the Cook's coffee at which the cook falls over dead. The moral of the story is don't expect strong coffee and to be…

Art's play .jpeg
The Saga of the Good Ship Bergen tells the story of how the Japanese feared the crew of the U. S. S. Bergen more than they feared the atomic bomb.

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Successful engineer, Clark Russ, has just arrived back in town and just tonight found in his luggage a letter from Mary, lost a decade or more ago, dated August 1922. In the letter Mary had agreed to marry him before he left on his overseas…

An excerpt from a letter written by Art Eisenberg and is part of a hymn called "I Would Be True"

Frank's poem.jpeg
“Those Who Die”, was a poem written by Frank Eisenberg. The deaths of those in the protagonist's life who died fighting in World War II are acknowledged. Those who died included the grocer's son, the baker, the laundry man, the fruit man, the…

Frank Eisenberg
Those Who Die

The grocer’s son is on Saipon,
The baker’s now in Rome.
The newsboy that we used to have
Lies buried far from home.

The little laundry man is gone,
He lies there waiting, still,
For the transport that will carry him
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