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The K. P. and the Top Sergeant.JPG
"The K. P. and the Top Sergeant," is a "fable," by Frank Eisenberg and tells the story of a Private who wants to be put on K. P. duty so that he doesn't forget his mother.

Wolf .JPG
“The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is a "fable" written by Frank Eisenberg about a Corporal who met a beautiful girl standing on the corner crying. He asked why she was crying. She said because she was lonely and lost, had her father's car and didn't…

2013-11-01 New Garrick .jpg
A week's schedule of the New Garrick Theatre in Minneapolis, St. Paul. Included in it are advertisements for local business, a list of those in charge of running the day to day at the theater, and the members of the orchestra playing for the silent…

Movieland .jpg
Sample pages from a Finkelstein and Ruben Movie Magazine publication that contains advertisements, movie industry articles, and theater schedules.

The Movie Magazine is a phenomenon that rose in popularity in the 1920s and evolved to become a…

2013-11-01 Washburn .jpg
A sampling of an artists' movie advertisement portfolio with notes.

Several questions are raised by this document. Who exactly created it? Was it the same person who wrote the margin notes? Who was it created for? The artist of of the…

New Radar Test offered by Navy .jpeg
Newspaper article describing the New Radar Test offered by Navy.

Art Eisenberg was one of the radar men on the USS Bergen.

The USS Knox Commissioned .jpeg
The USS Frank Knox Commissioned at Boston Navy Yard. The USS Knox was the second ship on which Art Eisenberg served.

The Minneapolis Star Journal 2 .jpeg
The Minneapolis Star Journal (back page). Provided compliments of Donaldson's Department Store.

The Minneapollis Star Journal .jpeg
The MInneapolis Star Journal a local newspaper published in MInnesota (front page).

Minneapolis Daily Times 3 .jpeg
The Minneapolis Daily Times a local newspaper sent to Art Eisenberg in Navy Boot Camp in Farragut, ID, by his cousin Dick Sachs.
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