November 7th, 1918


November 7th, 1918


Letter from Frank to his mother and sister


Frank wrote this letter on November 7th, 1918 to his mother and sister. He wrote the letter while he was serving in France during World War I.
Again Frank mentions the fact that he still has not received a letter from them and he doesn’t understand why. He said that he had received a letter from his brother, Meyer, and that he had recently gotten a long letter from his mother and sister. Frank appears to be experiencing a hint of jealousy because his brother recently received a letter and he has not, but he also expects to be getting one soon. Frank probably feels the distance between him and his family and he wants to bridge that gap by receiving letters from home. He also speaks about the weather and how it is getting colder, but that they are in a good location and they will likely remain there throughout the winter and until the end of the war. There is the common belief that the Allies will soon be victorious over the Germans. He tells his mother and sister that the soldiers all have bets about when the war will end. They expect the Germans to surrender soon and they anticipate that they will all be back in the United States within a year’s time. Frank appears to be looking forward to the future in this letter. When he talks about leaving France, he says that he hopes to go back one day. He also begins to make plans from when he finally does get home. He tells his mother that as soon as he gets home he wants to move into a new home and so he asks her to get a few things together so he can make the place look real. He also says that when he gets home he will be able to help his mother in the kitchen. In a seemingly joking tone, Frank adds “The experience I have had in the kitchen will enable me to go on strike if I am not satisfied with the “mess” you put out.” He is making plans to attend a school of journalism when he gets home and is planning on arranging it all while he is still in France so that his plans will not be disrupted once he is home. He finishes the letter by saying, “if anyone is sore at me, tell them to get over it, for when I come home I will be to busy to look em up and apologize.” Frank is anticipating coming home and all sorts of plans once the war is over.
This letter, written by Frank, is based on his experiences. Throughout the letters, he continually expresses his frustration because he does not receive regular letters from his mother and sister. The lack of communication leaves Frank feeling separated from his home and from his family. Something quite unique in this particular letter was his looking forward to the future. He can see the end of the war is near and he is preparing for when the day comes and he gets to return home.


Frank Eisenberg


Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, Archives and Special Collections in the University of Minnesota Archives, Box 2, File 1


World War I



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